Nerds Helping Nerds in Times of Need

New First Aid Van Fundraiser

Help us raise 3,500 dollars to buy a new van. Our current one is very worn and in need of replacement. It is a 2001 Chrysler van and is in need of replacement. We ideally need around 3,500 to buy a suitable quality replacement. Our van is a major way we transport member, gear, and…
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How Operation Hammond Helps Nerds and Geeks in Times of Need

Operation Hammond has done countless events and conventions across the USA and Canada. We have helped countless people with their first aid needs and continue to serve the nerd and pop culture community. We teamed up with a well know video production firm and ConnectiCon to create a fantastic, creative, and innovative video for our public and…
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EMS week 2017

EMS Week 2017 Giving back to those who serve the community

As an international first aid charity, we’re proud to help other EMS and First Aid groups. Part of our charitable goal and aim is to always help other first aid charities and organizations within the nerd and pop culture community with similar values. In honor of National EMS Week 2017, we have decided to help…
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AB 2017 Group

Operation Hammond Launches Corporate Funding Initiative

Operation Hammond Launches Corporate Funding Initiative “The Operation Hammond Corporate Funding program aims to empower people, companies, and corporations to feel good by donating to the country’s largest social medical first aid charity for the nerd and pop culture community.“ April 13th, 2017 Methuen MA: Operation Hammond, the country’s largest social medical first aid charity,…
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*Updated* Five Years of Service with Anime Boston

Updated 4/3/17: Anime Boston 2017 is done for this year. We would like to sincerely thank Anime Boston, the New England Anime Society, the Hynes Convention Center, Sheraton Hotel, Anime Boston Staff, all our members and all the attendees. Our celebration of Five Years of Service with Anime Boston has been our largest marketing campaign for…
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Equipment Photo

Advanced First Aid Equipment and Gear

Part of our commitment to the nerd, pop culture and kink community, is to bring the best in advanced first aid equipment we can to the shows and events we serve. We are proud to maintain and deploy Oxygen, Naloxone, and AED to every convention and event we do as an organization. Our Advanced Fist Aid…
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Your questions answered: Did you know our members maintain our UHF radio system?

Since we posted about our commercial radios system yesterday, we figured it would be a good time to launch a new section where we answer your questions. We actually got lots of questions about the type of radios we use and how we’re able to deploy a commercial UHF radio system on a budget. A…
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Did you know we maintain our own radios? *Updated*

Did you know Operation Hammond maintains it’s own commercial UHF radio system? We are proud to have built it from the ground up with the help of our members, ingenuity and out of the box thinking. Our radio system is simple to use, adaptable, portable and deployable at a moments notice. Radio maintenance and communication…
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Our 6th Birthday

On this date six years ago the Operation Hammond movement was born. Little did we know the ideas we formed that morning would turn into the North America’s largest social medical aid charity. What started as a small group of people with a simple idea to provide First Aid at nerd and pop culture conventions,…
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Another Anime Con 2016 Faygo Fundraiser and More!

Another Anime Con 2016 is upon us. We will be providing world class first aid and social medical care this weekend. This marks the fourth year we have been to AAC. Our annual Faygo and Raffle baskets Fundraisers are making a triumphant return to AAC this year. Our raffle baskets this year are, Otaku Snack…
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