How Operation Hammond Helps Nerds and Geeks in Times of Need

Operation Hammond has done countless events and conventions across the USA and Canada. We have helped countless people with their first aid needs and continue to serve the nerd and pop culture community. We teamed up with a well know video production firm and ConnectiCon to create a fantastic, creative, and innovative video for our public and fans to learn more about our charitable mission.

Did you know we are the only international social medical charity for the nerd, geek, and pop culture community? We do more than providing convention first aid. Watch our video to find out how you can support our charitable mission.We would like to sincerely thank ConnectiCon and the Connecticut Convention Center for their cooperation.

To learn more about our charitable mission and how you can volunteer or help, please visit 

You can also view our video on our YouTube and Facebook pages. We would like to sincerely thank Adam Michael Kuhn for his collaboration on this video. 

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