AED Awareness

Nerds Helping Nerds in Times of Need

Do you know what an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is?

Operation Hammond believes it’s vital that everyone knows what an AED is and how simple they are to use. 

An AED is a device that has the ability to deliver an electrical charge to a heart that is not beating effectively enough, such as in the case of a heart attack. This shock has the ability to correct the abnormal rhythm and allow for the heart to beat properly.

These devices are carried by many emergency service personnel and can also be found in many public places for anyone to use in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Operation Hammond believes it’s vital that everyone knows what an AED is and how to use one.

When seconds count, these life-saving machines are one of the few tools that can help a person whose heart has stopped beating. As the country’s leading social medical charity for nerds, we feel that knowing how to identify and use these potentially life-saving machines is vital.

We at Operation Hammond carry the Defibtech LifeLine AED to every show and event we attend. It supports the current American Heart Association and American Red Cross CPR protocols with simple, easy to hear instructions. American made and tested to military standards for vibration and shock, its award-winning design is compact, portable, and lightweight.

Did you know that:

More than 350,000 Americans die each year from sudden cardiac arrest 1

Sudden cardiac arrest often is a result of an electrical disturbance in the heart. The result is an inability for the heart to continue pumping blood. 2 3

A person who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest outside a hospital has about a 10% chance of surviving. 1

For every minute that a person is in cardiac arrest and does not receive CPR or a shock from an AED, their chance of survival decreases 7-10% 1


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Check out our Services Page to find out about our CPR and AED training programs and classes we have available, or to have us at your show, convention or event. 


For more info about what an AED is and how anyone can use one, please check out and download our cool infographic. Feel free to post and share this info-graphic and page.

References: American Heart Association, American Red CrossNational Center for Early Defibrillation, Reuters, Mayo Clinic, Defibtech

AED PSA Info-graphic Operation Hammond. This info is a basic overview of AEDs and not a replacement for formal CPR/AED training. The information contained in the infographic and PSA is provided as an information resource. For medical advice please consult a physician or in the event of an emergency call 911 or your local emergency services number.

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