About Our Volunteers

Nerds Helping Nerds in Times of Need

About Our Founder

James “Fedora” Mandeville, NREMT

He spent the past 7 years as an EMT in the UK and USA. He worked for a private Emergency Medical Service. He was a veteran of the US Air Force serving as a mechanic and medical first responder. He was a frequent staff member of many anime and pop culture conventions, and over the past ten years has fulfilled many roles ranging from security, medical care, photography, and operations. Fedora has staffed over 90 conventions in the UK, Japan, and USA. He was an operations and safety adviser to many other pop culture conventions in the UK and USA. He traveled around the world attending anime, sci-fi and pop culture conventions and was an Eagle Scout. He founded Operation Hammond, the only group dedicated to the unique medical and safety needs of pop culture/convention/event community. Fedora’s legacy shall continue as “Operation Hammond”

About Our President

Alexander Vaughn Mecca, NREMT

Alexander’s day job is in information systems/cybersecurity and he is a certified NREMT. He has spent the past five+ years working closely with Operation Hammon Senior Staff in various different capacities. Alexander has been a large component in the overhaul of Operation Hammond’s technical infrastructure and administrative infrastructure. Alexander has lead Operation Hammond through countless projects and has been an invaluable asset. Alexander has staffed over 40 events with Operation Hammond and was promoted from the position of Vice President to President on March 28th immediately following James “Fedora” Mandeville’s passing.

Meet Our Volunteers

Meet Our Board

Alexander Mecca

Chairman, President, Director of IT: NREMT, ASHI L.9 Instructor

Rachael Hughes


Keith Lee

Director of Logistics / Assistant Director of Information Systems: EMT, ASHI L.8 Instructor

James Rosse

Advising Director: EMT

Kiara Estrada

Director of Member Conduct: NREMT

Diane Hauer

Vice Chairperson and Vice President: EMT

Kimberly Stewart


Meet Our Specialty Volunteers

These are our volunteers who have earned a spot as a “specialty volunteer position”.

Keith Lee

Interim Head Radio Master: EMT, ASHI L.8 Instructor

Lisa Hayes

Lead Social Media Coordinator

Zo Pezzano

Lead Graphics Designer and Illustrator: NREMT

Jean-Marie Patton

Assistant Quartermaster: NREMT

Gabriel Ciccia-Ricker

Quartermaster: EMT, EMD

Ben Cooper

Lead Videography Coordinator

Alexi Vandenburg

Marketing and Public Relations Advisor: Rabid Fanboy Marketing

Joy Li

Finance Coordinator: BS

Ian Williams

Finance Coordinator: BS

Arturo Gavidia

Graphic Designer: BA

Emilie Rodgers

Graphic Designer: B.S. Interactive Art & Animation

Operation Hammond