Advanced First Aid Equipment and Gear

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Advanced First Aid Equipment and Gear

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Part of our commitment to the nerd, pop culture and kink community, is to bring the best in advanced first aid equipment we can to the shows and events we serve. We are proud to maintain and deploy Oxygen, Naloxone, and AED to every convention and event we do as an organization. Our Advanced Fist Aid programs started in 2015 and have proven wildly successful. Our training department was critical in rolling out our Oxygen, Naloxone and AED programs. Our Advanced First Aid programs are in compliance with the scope of practice of American Red Cross First Aid, NDRI Inc, American Health and Safety Institute and are under the authority of our Training/Quality Assurance department. Our Training/Quality Assurance department is lead by our Director of Training. 

Our members developed, designed and implemented innovative ways to deploy AED, Naloxone, and Oxygen within our own gear for deployment during conventions, events, and shows. Based on comprehensive feedback and review we were able to develop our Mark 4 Patrol bag. This bag integrates our full Patrol Bag, AED, Naloxone and Oxygen in an easy to carry bag. Weighing in at only 23 pounds this is patrol bag is innovative and unique. This patrol bag even has an integrated radio microphone clip/storage to help with ease of use. To our knowledge, no other First Aid or EMS organization (We did quite a comprehensive search before hand) has developed and implemented a comprehensive First Aid Patrol bag that includes AED, Oxygen, and Naloxone. This Patrol Bag can be deployed rapidly to an emergency or be worn comfortably by one of our members while on patrol during an event or convention. 

As an organization, we carry and exclusively use Defibtech Lifeline AEDs. We have found these AEDs to fit our needs and are simple for anyone to use regardless of training. The Defibtech Lifeline AED is a lightweight at only 4.2lbs, highly visible, nonthreatening and has a simplistic design. The Lifeline AED can clip to any of our patrol bags for easy transport and deployment. Our members routinely carry our AEDs around at events and shows. To lean more about AEDs and how we use them check out our AED awareness section. 

Our members have proven to us time after time that ingenuity and outside the box thinking are drive what we do as a Social medical movement. To learn more about our charitable mission please have a look at the About Us section. To become a member of Operation Hammond please visit our volunteer page and fill out the volunteer inquiry form.

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