Did you know we maintain our own radios? *Updated*

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Did you know we maintain our own radios? *Updated*

Did you know Operation Hammond maintains it’s own commercial UHF radio system? We are proud to have built it from the ground up with the help of our members, ingenuity and out of the box thinking. Our radio system is simple to use, adaptable, portable and deployable at a moments notice. Radio maintenance and communication is one of the many jobs our members do

The venues we work in are diverse and challenging when it come to two way radios communications. We have an integrated two way radio system that is adaptable and able to be tailored to a specific venue or clients need. It is no easy task sourcing, programming and repairing our communications equipment. What started as basic FRS radios six years ago have been adapted and expanded to fulfill the needs of Operation Hammond. Our communication team takes pride in the hard work they put into developing, fixing & maintaining our radio system. Our radio callsign is WQWH618 and is registered with the Federal Communication Commission.

To learn more about our charitable mission please have a look at the About Us section. To become a member of Operation Hammond please visit our volunteer page and fill out the volunteer inquiry form.

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