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United We Stand

On behalf of all the members and senior staff at Operation Hammond. Our heartfelt?sympathies?go out to the?victims?of ?today’s?tragic events in Boston. ?It’s sad that?today’s?tragic events have?affected?so many and taken the lives of?innocent?people. James Fedora Chairman and Founder  

We Will Be At Anime Boston

It is now time for our BIG announcement. Drumroll please….. Operation Hammond is very pleased to announce that we will be attending Anime Boston May 24-26. Anime Boston is the Northeast’s largest and most celebrated anime convention, as well as a con many of us know and love. This has been in the works for…
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We are Attending Bakuretsu Con’s Beta Test!

Our friends at Bakuretsu Con are having a 1-day mini convention on Saturday, April 20th. Operation Hammond will have a table at the event, so come say hello to us if you’re attending! Bakuretsu’s “Beta Test” event will run from 10:00 A.M. -6:00 P.M., and include video gaming, panels, game shows, video screenings, table top…
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Steampunk @ Gettysburg!

Operation Hammond is proud to announce that we will be attending Steampunk@Gettysburg March 29-31, 2013. Steampunk@Gettysburg is a film, art and music festival, and also Pennsylvania’s first 3-day steampunk convention. O.H. will be on-site all weekend providing first aid and social outreach. We are their official Medical Staff, and will be vital to the safe…
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AnimeCons TV Interview with Chairman Fedora

At Bakuretsu Con?in November 2012, Operation Hammond Chairman and founder James Fedora was interviewed by Patrick Delahanty of AnimeCons TV. This interview is now up over on, and you should really check it out! Topics include (but are not limited to) who we are and what we do as an organization, how and why…
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Arisia Charity Auction Update

Arisia is fast approaching, and with it, the charity auction they will be holding for us. Operation Hammond is Arisia’s official charity this year, and we are very grateful to our newest partner convention for their show of support. The Charity Auction will take place Monday, January 21st at 11:30 A.M. We are hoping this…
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Spread Fun, Not Germs!!!!!!!

Some reminders to keep you and your fellow attendees? convention experience healthier this flu season: 1. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. And NOT with your bare hand ? that?s one of the easiest, grossest ways to spread germs. 2. Always carry tissues with you to catch said cough or sneeze, and dispose…
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Nerd First Aid Courses and Panels

Nerd First Aid is first aid training with a twist. It?s specifically designed for pop culture, sci-fi and anime convention attendees. In a nutshell, Nerd First Aid is about learning skills that could save your or a friend?s life, and having fun while learning them. Conventions are great, but they can also be chaotic and…
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Arisia Charity Auction

Operation Hammond will be Arisia?s official charity for 2013. They will be holding a charity auction and raffle for us. As you may know, Operation Hammond has been having an online fundraiser and collecting donations at events we?ve staffed. These contributions help us maintain our overall operating costs, as well as continue to buy supplies…
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We will be at Arisia 2013

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending Arisia January 18-21 2013. Arisia is one of New England’s largest and most diverse SciFi and pop culture convention. We will be bringing all three arms of O.H. to include outreach, First Aid, training and more!. We are proud to be their official charity and…
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