AEDs For Nerds Fundraiser

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AEDs For Nerds Fundraiser

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Help Save A Life

We are kicking off our AEDs for Nerds fundraiser today!?When seconds count, these life-saving machines are one of the only tools that can keep a heart beating. With an operating budget of about $8000 a year we simply do not have the funds to buy AEDs outright.

As the country’s leading social medical charity for nerds, having one of these life saving machines is vital to the safety of all people that staff and attend pop culture and nerd conventions. AEDs are truly one of the only things that bystanders and first aiders can use to save someone’s life in the time of ultimate need during a sudden cardiac arrest.

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There are many ways you can support our AED fundraiser. Go onto our Crowdrise Page and donate, visit our Donation page on our website or spread the word with your friends via social media. We have made it easy for you to spread the word, look below for info-graphics and logos to help spread the word.

Update 7/30/14: Any one that donates and supports us has the chance to be entered to win cool prizes click HERE??to find out more!

Did you know if each of our follows on facebook and Twitter gave just 5.00 dollars each we would reach our goal??

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is an AED?

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a small, portable, easy to operate life-saving medical device designed to deliver an electrical shock to a person who is having a Cardiac Arrest. They are designed to be used by first responders or bystanders to save the life of an unconscious person.

Don’t many of the Hotels, Conventions Centers and facilities Operation Hammond works in already have an AED??

While many of the places we operate may have AEDs we have little to no guarantee that the AED has a charged battery or unexpired electrode?pads. Furthermore we have limited access often times when a facility does have an AED. We have found many places lock?them away or make them difficult to access. ?Many of the events and places we operate don’t have an AED, especially when it comes to our smaller events and convention partners.?

When you need an AED, time is essential. The American Heart Association recommends AED application within 4 minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest. By us having our own AED we can deploy it more rapidly in an emergency.?

What Model of AED is Operation Hammond buying?

After extensive research and consideration we have decided to obtain the Defibtech LifeLine AED. We feel its simplistic, colorful design and durable features make it a machine that will be easy for our members and public to use. With the?low cost of ownership and excellent durability we feel this AED is the right machine for Operation Hammond for the foreseeable future.

Did you know that:

  • More than 350,000 Americans die each year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a major public health problem and leading cause of death in the United States
  • The most common cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest is ventricular fibrillation – when the heart’s electrical impulses become irregular and the heart is unable to pump oxygen-rich blood through the body
  • Currently, a person who suffers Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the US, outside of a hospital, has just better than a 6% chance of survival
  • Once a victim has suffered a cardiac arrest, every minute that passes before returning the heart to a normal rhythm decreases the chance of survival by 10%
  • AEDs are one of the only devices that can correct a sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital.

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