Operation Hammond Expands Internationally By Opening Canadian Chapter

Nerds Helping Nerds in Times of Need

Operation Hammond Expands Internationally By Opening Canadian Chapter


Montreal, Canada -?Operation Hammond is pleased to announce that we will grow to international proportions with the creation of our first Canadian chapter.

We would like to introduce Allen Legrow, the chairman of our Canadian chapter. ?Expanding the Operation Hammond concept into Canada and fulfilling our mission to help nerds in need is something that is a huge step in terms of covering emergency preparedness for pop culture events across all of Canada,? he said at our panel at Otakuthon this Sunday, August 24th. He has been working tirelessly with our Chairman, James Fedora, to create a solid foundation for Operation Hammond Canada.

?We are extremely excited to have found a team of experienced, like-minded people who are perfect candidates to help us continue our first aid work into new horizons. On behalf of the Operation Hammond Senior Staff ? American Chapter ? I would like to thank them for contributing their talent and time to our endeavor and congratulate them on joining our team,? says Paige Murray, Vice President of Operation Hammond.

It is expected that the Canadian Chapter will be fully operating within four months. In the meantime, please visit their new website at www.OperationHammond.ca.

For More information please contact:

Allen Legrow, Chairman, Operation Hammond Canada

Alexi Vandenberg,
Rabid Fanboy Marketing


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