2013 Year in Review

Nerds Helping Nerds in Times of Need

2013 Year in Review

LOGO2013 has been a banner year for us here at Operation Hammond. Over the past year we have done over 13 events and conventions in six states and Canada. We have served, aided and assisted over 750 people in a medical capacity and helped countless others. Over the last year we have dealt with all sorts of medical emergencies from handing out bandaids, providing critical lifesaving care, social outreach , training and more. I am proud to say without our direct medical interventions two people would not be with us today. Had we not been there during their time of need the results would have been sad and unfortunate.

This past year has had many significant milestones for us an organization. We started out the year with Arisia and then it was off like a rocket from there. On average we did about one show/convention a month in addition to member and public training’s and other promotional events. Our official Conventions/Shows list for 2013 is as follows.

  • ArisiaDSC_9141

  • Steampunk@Gettysburg

  • Bakuretsu Con 1 day beta test

  • Anime Boston

  • ConnectiCon

  • Readercon

  • Otakuthon

  • Another Anime Convention Summer Matsuri966704_10151593927553346_256829043_o

  • Nauticon

  • Camp Anime

  • Boston Sword Gathering

  • Another Anime Convention

  • Bakuretsu Con

We have had many memorable moments from 2013, below are our top five conventions/shows highlights from 2013.

Largest Amount of people helped in one showDSC_9157

Our largest convention by sheer number of people helped and aided in a medical capacity was ConnectiCon. Our close working relationship with the Connecticut Convention Center management and nurse was key to our success. Over the course of ConnectiCon 2013 we aided and assisted over 500 people with many requiring medical transportation to hospital. We worked diligently with the entire staff of ConnectiCon before the event and earned the trust and support of the attendees. 2014 will mark the third year will be at ConnectiCon.

Largest Show?

Our largest show by sheer numbers attended is Anime Boston. This may come as no surprise to most people because of the large attendance. 2013 was our first year at Anime Boston. We worked side by side with the Anime Boston Security department to provide direct first response medical service to all that attended. Anime Boston awarded us the Cosplay Chess award for excellence for our quick response and care during a medical emergency on Sunday morning of the convention. We will be returning to Anime Boston in 2014 to help nerds and non-nerds alike in times of need.

Most Diverse Show?

545119_10200466706250112_625785591_nOur most diverse show by far is Arisia. This convention bills itself as New England?s Largest and Most Diverse SciFi Convention. Arisia is our founding convention and without them we would not be the world class social medical organization that we are today. This convention draws people of all ages to experience all facets of nerddom. The unique thing about this show is that we not only cover the convention space but every single hotel room and a very vibrant and unique party floor. Over the course of the convention we responded to over 60 calls for help to include many serious and or life threatening situations that required medical transport to hospital. One person had a serious life threatening condition and would have died without our direct interventions.


Most Charitable Show (Tie)?

The most charitable show for 2013 is tied between Bakuretsu Con and Readercon. Both shows fund raised for us and helped promote our cause in fine nerd fashion. Without conventions like this we can not provide the level of service we do. Not all conventions and shows can afford to directly pay to have us at their event and we understand that. We are very flexible in how we fund ourselves as an organization.

Most Unique Show?1074202_10151751965453346_1614812021_o

By far the most unique show was Otakuthon 2013 in Montreal, Quebec. This was the first time we did a show outside of the USA. We have done shows on sun soaked beaches and on Boston Harbor but never did one in the heart of French Canada. This show was unique for us where we acted as a consulting body working side by side with the Otakuthon Public Safety Department to foster an exchange of information and cultural exchange. Thanks to them we launched a French version of our web page and incorporated many of their methods into our organization. We learned a lot from our Canadian friends and look forward to working with them in the future.

In closing, 2013 has brought us from a fledgling organization finding its footing to the country?s premier social medical organization founded by nerds for nerds. The entire senior staff and membership have worked exceptionally hard this past year. Without the support of our members and conventions/shows we can?t do the work we do. 2014 is shaping up to be another banner year for us, chalked full of new and exciting conventions and events. ?If 2012 and 2013 are any indication of where we are going all I know is the sky’s the limit.

Here’s to a fantastic 2014 and beyond.

James Fedora
Chairman and Founder

For more information about the events we have done check out our?Media and Press Page.



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