Nauticon, Ahoy!

Nerds Helping Nerds in Times of Need

Nauticon, Ahoy!

We will be at Nauticon this weekend.

Please come to our panel “How to Survive the Nerd Convention Apocalypse” Saturday 12pm in Harborside.

Conventions can be crazy and dizzying events and Nauticon is no exception. Learning the crucial skills to prevent injury to yourself or others is key to surviving the Nerd Convention Apocalypse. Conventions can be zany with people of all walks of life living, eating, drinking, playing and breathing together. With so many people in one place it?s inevitable that someone will get hurt or become ill. Gaining the basic skills to help someone in an emergency saves lives. Come and learn vital lifesaving skills in a fun environment.

Sick Bay
We will be providing first aid services out of our new Sickbay on the S.S. Nauticon located in the Landing Lounge across from registration.


Donations Needed?

Help us raise 1,500 dollars for CPR equipment to provide First Aid/CPR classes and training to people who attend and staff pop culture conventions and events. Your donations will make a difference and save a life.

Please look for our blue and green donation cans at Nauticon or find an Operation Hammond member.



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