Action Hammond Emporium

We know many of our fans that follow us closely have been wondering for some time: What is Action Hammond?

Action Hammond is a guerrilla marketing campaign to build brand awareness for Operation Hammond. It started in 2016 as a simple idea and has been a treasure trove of fun, nerdy and sometimes random music videos from the various Operation Hammond members and fans. It is a way to build buzz and connect with our fanbase in a unique and low-key way. While the songs are fun and random, we watched them to see what ideas worked and what did not. After a while it got so popular with our members and fans, they started liking and asking for more.

So one thing leads to another, and we found we could come up with ideas for T-shirts and content for our nerd partners and more. So we are happy to announce that is officially turning into the Action Hammond T-Shirt Emporium thanks to the help of our partners at the NerdFit Network. After all, as a unique social medical charity, we approach marketing in a very unique way.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Action Hammond T-Shirt Emporium. Yes, that’s right, folks. All those random music videos and links were all to generate buzz for our unique social medical movement. The first batch of T-Shirts will be spoofs of the best reluctant hero action Christmas movie ever.

Our new Emporium has many varieties and colors available including classic John McClane style white tank tops!

You can grab yours here at this link

You can view our whole playlist playlist here.

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