Operation Hammond adds Oxygen and Naloxone to its life saving tool kit

Nerds Helping Nerds in Times of Need

Operation Hammond adds Oxygen and Naloxone to its life saving tool kit

o2 and narcan logoImmediate Release ? 03/17/2015

Somerville, MA ? Continuing in their efforts to provide superior improvements in first aid care at pop culture events and conventions, Operation?Hammond has successfully obtained Oxygen and Naloxone enhancing its response capabilities. These life saving tools are used in the treatment/care of opioid related overdoses and for respiratory/breathing emergencies.

We now have the capability to provide medical grade oxygen to people suffering from a respiratory/breathing emergencies. We have two fully stocked?oxygen bags with all the necessary gear to provide oxygen consistent with American Heart Association guidelines.

The life saving medication Naloxone also know as ?Narcan? is an emergency treatment for opioid and heroin related overdoses. Due to the rise of opioid and heroin related emergencies across the country, State and local lawmakers have made Naloxone easier for emergency services and the general public to obtain and use. During an opioid related medical emergency Naloxone has been proven to save lives when given by first responders.

10891556_10152936631088346_7283635156076901862_nBoth Oxygen and Naloxone are two of the most beneficial time sensitive life saving treatments. Both of these when used in a timely manner are paramount to saving someone?s life suffering from an opioid overdose or a respiratory/breathing emergency. Our enhanced medical treatments are approved and monitored by our Chief Medical Officer, Tae Kim, D.O., a board-certified emergency physician. ?Both of these items and our new AED program adds significant capabilities so we can continue to serve the evolving needs of our patients,? said James Fedora, Chairman of Operation Hammond.

Operation Hammond is the North Americas? largest provider of first aid and social medical services for nerd and pop-culture conventions, providing services for over 30 events to date. The diversity and social dimensions of this social scene are unique. We are nerds helping nerds in times of need.


Alexi Vandenberg
Head of Marketing, Operation Hammond
Rabid Fanboy Marketing

James M. Fedora
Chairman, Operation Hammond


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