Funding Model

OH4Our Funding Model

Operation Hammond is a unique non-profit organization, and a unique organization requires a unique approach to funding.  We have spent a lot of time and thought on our funding model and feel it’s a good fit for us and the convention/event community. It encompasses flexibility, fairness, and service into an easy to understand format. We have come up with a 3 tier approach for funding based on our current/future costs and historical demand for our services.

Our services are specifically oriented towards pop culture and fan conventions. We are more than just a typical ambulance, EMS service or Social Service. We are better suited and trained to deal with the unique medical/social issues present at pop culture conventions/events.

For more information about our funding model please email us at or visit our Services Inquiry page to find out how you can have us at your conventions, event or show.

Benefits of having Operation Hammond at Your Convention/Event

We aim to integrate our members with our partner convention/event staff. Our staff will serve as an integral part of the convention staff. We will be more than an outside group brought in for a specific task.

We carry our own insurance to operate fully as a social medical/First Aid organization in all 50 states and Canada.

We are a Licensed Training Partner with the American Red Cross. We provide world class Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED and Medical First Responder training to our members and public.

We bring?significant?resources and equipment to each event we do. To each show/conventions, we do we bring Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), Medical Grade oxygen and the life-saving opioid overdose drug Narcan. We have a full complement of rugged radios including two repeaters, and if needed our partner conventions/events can request to rent our radios for a small fee.

In order to provide the standard of care we aspire to, our members will need the ability to bring patients into a private, safe space/area when necessary. The space/area provided to our staff will not simply be crash or gear space, but will be an important component of our ability to deliver quality patient care.

We can provide panels and training ?programming and events. We have a wide array of panels and programming we do that are specifically geared for pop culture events and?conventions.

Our standard service agreement is open to negotiation. We aim to be affordable and flexible with everyone we work with. As an organization, we don’t currently have the resources to pay our staffs own way for every event interested in our services. However, our primary goal is to provide excellent service to the fan community. We are committed to being as flexible as possible with the events we partner and work with.