Your questions answered: Did you know our members maintain our UHF radio system?

Since we posted about our commercial radios system yesterday, we figured it would be a good time to launch a new section where we awnswer your questions. We actually got lots of questions about the type of radios we use and how were able to deploy a commercial UHF radio system on a budget. A comprehensive radios system is vital to our mission when we are at conventions and events. With a limited budget each year we had to think outside of the box when it came to radio equipment and how we use and deploy it. We started with basic FRS radios at our inception expanded to inexpensive Baofeng radios. However we found the Baofeng radios had limitations when used in large quantities. We did a cost analysis and found that we could obtain good used radio equipment for only a minor rise in over all cost. After a comprehensive look we found the Kenwood TK-380 was a good fit for our radio needs. It is easily programmed has many advanced functions such as trunking and encryption over Baofeng and had low maintenance requirements.

After some field tests with the TK-380 we found these radios were durable and adaptable for many situations and configurations. They were superior to other radios we tested and the maintenance costs were inexpensive.  Our members found them easy to use and more reliable then our other radios. Our communication department developed a internal system to program, track and maintain our radio equipment to include routine servicing and software updates. We use to loose radio equipment due to lack of oversight, maintenance and service. Now with our new systems and dedicated communications members we are able to control our costs and enhance our radio system. This was a process that use to take considerable amount of time now what use to take weeks-months to put a new radio equipment into service now takes only hours once it is received. Our members in our communication department put considerable time and effort into our radio system. 

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