Where to find us at Anime Boston

AB16 Where to Find usHow to find OHWe will be at Anime Boston all weekend providing 24/7 medical services and social care. You can request our services 24 hours a day at our First Aid station located in Liberty Ballroom C in the Sheraton Hotel.

Our members can be found by their distinctive white and green uniform out and about during the convention. If you need help or First Aid please don’t hesitate to come to us for help. We are proud to offer our world class First Aid and social medical care to the attendees and staff of Anime Boston.

To learn more about our charitable mission please stop by our booth in convention row.


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2 comments on “Where to find us at Anime Boston
  1. Jacqueline McFall says:

    Good day! My wife was wondering how to apply for Project Hammond as she was at Anime Boston last year and got your card but we lost it. I am security for Anime Boston and wanted to get in touch with you ASAP! Thanks!

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